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The capacity to turn an idea into reality through the stages of concept, CAD design, mould design / manufacture, production approval and volume supply are all services that we provide in house and with a smile!

Two state of the art HB 260 hot air carousel machines provide the basis of our production facility and can manufacture products up to almost 3m in length. Expertise coupled with modern CAD facilities prove to ensure customers get the best from their tools which are all maintained and manufactured within the group.  


Our business model is aimed at the trade moulding sector and as such our philosophy is based around quality, training, efficiency, flexibility and volume.  Our high capacity machinery operates 24 hours a day 5 days a week to satisfy customer demands to exacting standards. Many of which will be happy to provide testimonies.


The strategy of our company is not to have numerous small high value specification products but one of volume and customer partnership. We enjoy long term planning, understanding customer schedules and delivering exactly what is required on the day it is required.