"The Team at Crompton Mouldings are devastated by the recent fire but we can advise everyone is safe and the recovery plan is underway.
We have a fantastic team who are now working tirelessly with the support of our customers, suppliers and partners to ensure a speedy and successful outcome for all concerned.
Thanks for all the messages of support they are greatly appreciated."

- John Bradley MD Crompton Mouldings.


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Description: HR Manager

Location: Crompton Mouldings – Brighouse

Core Hours: 20 hrs / flexible per week


Job Overview:

The role involves working closely with the Chairman and 3 Managing Directors to efficiently and effectively streamline, maintain and enhance all aspects of HR within 3 Group companies.


Report to: Group Chairman

Key Responsibilities of HR Manager / Officer

  • Sustains the work structure by updating contracts and job descriptions for all employees.
  • Develops a recruiting, testing, interviewing and selection program for new employees. Assisting managers in all practical aspects of the above.
  • Conducting and analyzing exit interviews and recommending changes in line with company strategy, culture and objectives.
  • Prepares employees for assignments by establishing and conducting orientation and training programs.
  • Maintains a pay plan by conducting periodic pay surveys, monitoring and scheduling individual pay actions; recommending, planning, and implementing pay structure revisions.
  • Maintain appraisal system and provide necessary records and progress of actions agreed.
  • Maintain, monitor and guide employees and managers through disciplinary procedures, return to work interviews etc. in line with the legal requirements.
  • Hearing and resolving employee grievances; counseling employees and managers.
  • Maintains employee benefits program and informs employees of benefits and entitlements, recommending benefit programs to management;
  • Ensures legal compliance on all HR matters from employment to redundancy to dismissal. Supporting MD or representing the organization at any hearings.
  • Maintains management guidelines by preparing, updating, and recommending human resource policies and procedures. (Handbook)
  • Maintains historical human resource records by designing a filing and retrieval system; keeping past and current records.
  • Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; participating in professional societies.
  • Devises, supports, records and sometimes carries out training programs for all personnel from apprentices to Chairman.
  • Devises individual training programs for key personnel and supports their self-development.



Group Chairman

John Bradley   -   john.bradley@cromptonmouldings.co.uk

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When it comes to ideas we're all ears and our recent implementation of the new Good Learning Opportunities (GLO) system has proved a great success in improving the factory and growing the business.

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This quarters team building activity is Paint Balling - Exciting stuff :)

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Jonathan WilsonSales Director


Dear All

It is with much sadness that I must inform you of the passing away of our much loved colleague Jonathan Wilson at around 4pm on Jan 3rd.

Jonathan was one of the most gentle, thoughtful, caring people one could ever have the pleasure to meet and his hard work, determination and professionalism has contributed immensely to the success of Crompton Mouldings, which I know he was proud of. 


Our thoughts are with Jane and his young family at this difficult time.




John | Chairman

Our friend and colleague / Jonathan Wilson 1964 - 2017

Our friend and colleague / Jonathan Wilson 1964 - 2017

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We have been very priviledged to support the Forgetmenot Childrens Hospice based in Fixby, Huddersfield in a small way in the past, with Grit bins and Toys manufactured at the Brighouse Factory.

Our M.D. John Bradley is also a sponsor of this fantastic facility, and recently took part in their annual Golf Day in association with Restaurant 1885 to raise money to help with on going costs.

We are not sure how well he did on the day but win or lose this is one of the most worthwhile causes you can support.

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Not content with putting in a full 5 days worth of shift work at the factory, you can see one of our Team hard at work coaching years 1 to 6 Girls and Boys teams at Beacon Rangers JFC. on Saturday mornings, and then the matches on Sundays.

Beacon Rangers are a Charter Standard Football Club, playing in the Huddersfield Junior Football League. Their coaches are qualified to full FA standards, and we are proud to sponsor this Seasons kit for one of the Teams.

We are looking forward to following the results, and believe that the same hard work and quality ethic we see at Crompton Mouldings will see some spectacular victories on the pitch. Well done everyone.

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We are very proud to announce that we have now achieved ISO 9001 Certification status.

This is thanks to the Team for all their hard work and preparation in order to get this prestigious qualification. We have been busy putting in the systems for some time, and getting the Factory modernised to the highest standards, so that not only is it a place to produce world class products and components for our customers, but it is a great place to work.

The benefits of ISO 9001 cannot be understated in terms of :

Achieving Operational Excellence

Consistent repeatable processes

Improved efficiency

Reduced scrap and increased recycling percentages

Engaging the Team & promoting a healthy production rivalry within the shifts

Increased motivation and participation or in short fully integrated Teamwork !

Continual Improvement.

All the above help our Clients to stand out from the crowd, or as we like to say "It's very well made in Brighouse".

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I didn't know what to write earlier about our wonderful MP Jo Cox. (I live in Batley & Spen constituency). We we all so shocked and saddened to hear the appalling news, how could this happen at all and especially in a sleepy West Yorkshire village to a wonderful Lady, young Mother, and tireless Politician who cared passionately about her constituency and constituents ?

We were very lucky to have Jo for the short time she entered our personal,  political and business lives, and our hearts and prayers go out to her Family at this sad time.

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These days, we are very quick to complain about poor service or quality, or perhaps even worse not say anything at all to the supplier of the disappointing product or service, but tell everyone else.

It is therefore very gratifying to be on the receiving end of a number of very complementary emails and phone calls to say thank you for going the extra mile with a particular product, and getting samples prepared to an almost impossible deadline.

We pride ourselves on our levels of service, ease to deal with and enjoyment of the business, so thank you for your kind comments, they are appreciated throughout the Factory.

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A new dedicated customer manufacturing cell is in the process of being completed, which will provide full moulding, assembly, packaging and labeling and onward distribution.

By using our bespoke service, we can provide a very cost effective manufacturing solution, and cut down on expensive transportation to and from different assembly or packing plants, and ultimately a top class service.

Let us know how we can help realise your full manufacturing  potential, we are here to help.

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The sweepstakes have all been allocated, the charts taped firmly to the canteen wall, and the anticipation rises for the first games, especially the opening England / Russia match.

Best of luck to every ones chosen team. It is going to be a real case of split loyalties however if England meet Albania in the final with £100 at stake !

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Once again, the Team at Crompton Mouldings made their annual Pilgrimage to Pontefract Racecourse for a superb evening of racing, entertainment and the odd light refreshment.

The weather was great this year in stark contrast to the cold damp weather at the same event in 2015, and a good time was had by all.

As everyone was back in work the following week, I am guessing that no one had any huge winners, but there again with the fantastic Team we have, great work ethics and a desire to be the best it wouldn't surprise me if there had.

Looking forward to returning in 2017.

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We are embarking on a further chapter of our continuous improvement programme, and hope to have a recognised ISO 9001 2015 Quality Management System in place by September this year.

Bringing together the new factory layout and Lean Manufacturing techniques by the end of June gives us a real advantage in terms of compliance and quality. We know how to do it right, and the quality system will emphasise the importance of documented proceedures as well as being a training guide for the new generation of the Crompton Mouldings Team.

Training on lean manufacturing has now been completed, and the knowledge gained has been used in influencing the new layout a procedural systems now in place. It is a great credit to the whole Team in bringing their expert knowledge so enthusiastically into play to improve and streamline the operating environment. Well done everyone, keep up the great work.

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Things are moving on a pace at Crompton Mouldings Ltd. Not only have we expanded our moulding capacity to ensure we stay at the forefront of the latest available technology, offering the best quality, accurate component manufacture and great old fashioned service. We have substantially updated and increased our assembly operation, offering full service product assembly using either your free issue components, or sourced by our Team to your specification. Full packaging, labeling, electrical testing can all be done in a carefully controlled environment, as well as direct shipments to take the pressure away from Customers to let them get on with the important parts of serving their Clients, assured in the knowledge that their products are manufactured to their specification, and worthy of the Branding.

We have taken on a new warehousing facility, to aid component storage, many of which arrive containerised from the Far East or Indian subcontinent, and have a very smart new Transit Truck plying between sites making a very efficient operation.

We have accelerated the training programe, in addition to new recruitment and are proud to see our Team moving upwards withing the organisation into well deserved roles. Many of our Team have been with us for many years, and are experts in their fields. This is a perfect platform when moving into a more managerial role as they understand exactly what can be done, and how to do it. Combined with Internal and External Training programes, this is a very exciting time for us, and it is really nice to see the opportunities come to fruition.

Over the next few months we would like to extend our warmest invitation to our Friends and Clients to visit us in Brighouse, and look forward to seeing everyone soon.

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Over the next few months prior to the referendum there will be any number of discussions and TV interviews on whether the UK should remain in the European Union.

As I am sure most Companies will be assessing the likely impact on their business, we have been doing the same.

We export around 15% of our products to fellow EU members, would our overseas customers be unable to buy from us due to import tariffs being imposed ? In which case would the UK retaliate by refusing to let BMW, Mercedes, Peugeot, Fiat etc sell their products without attracting a tariff here ? I don't think so.

We buy much of our raw material from overseas, some of it from EU based countries. The value of the pound is a key driver in those transactions, which would probably have more to do with markets and movements on the London Stock exchange than anything else. The current fall in the value of Sterling has probably more to do with uncertainty in the money markets which creates a chance to make money rather than actual real movement ?

The easy option is to do nothing, and to carry on the status quo, but in the long term is this really the best option ?

I have listened to countless interviews and discussions over the past few weeks, and can honestly say I have been swayed back and forth. Does anyone really know the answer, we will all need to have a good idea before May as this is probably one of the most important decisions we will make or is it ?

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Not so long ago, the fashion was to move volume production overseas, and particularly to India and China, mainly for lower prices.

Two out of three of our latest projects however are showing a reverse of this trend with either tooling coming back, or new upgraded tooling being produced by our Sister Company Turnell & Odell Ltd not due to price, but because of cost.

Prices have certainly risen in the Far East recently, and quality has sometimes been a casualty in the fight to keep increases down. Containers are often in transit for 35 - 45 days, and in the case of continuous production, the first thing a customer knows about a problem is when the container arrives at their warehouse, to be followed by 4 or 5 more all paid by letter of credit before something can be rectified. Even when there is no problem with quality, design or even simple things like colour changes take a long time to come through a deep sea pipeline, all of which can result in lost sales and poor profit performance once all those factors are taken into account.

If you are planning a new project, and think you need to go offshore for the best offer, we would be very pleased if you would give us a try first, as I think you will be very pleasantly surprised at the overall cost, coupled with excellent service, fast transport links, design and project management, tool making and good old fashioned face to face contact.

We are very proud to be flying the flag for Brighouse.

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A picture of Elv15 getting nearer to completion. The greatly anticipated day is getting nearer for the inaugural run of our new flagship rotational moulding machine. We are very much looking forward to this entering our fleet, and adding to our capacity. It will also give us the capability of producing larger products, as well as multiple small ones, so that we can offer an unrivalled level of service and commitment. Time lapse pictures of the build and working of the machine to follow.

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Now that the Christmas festivities are over, we would like to wish all our Clients a very Happy and prosperous New Year for 2016. We are very much looking forward to this Year with our new moulding machinery, new CNC mould making and the latest CAD facilities.

We look forward to seeing you all shortly.

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