As part of our drive to minimise our environmental impact and encourage healthier lifestyles, the Cycle to Work scheme has got off to a great start with the first two participants swapping 4 wheels for two.

On a recent business trip to Holland, I was once again struck by how poor our cycle tracks and foot paths are in the UK compared to Holland, Belgium, Germany and many other of our European Neighbours. If we were to invest in proper, safe cycle lanes, not just a white line painted at the side of a busy A road, which the traffic generally has to use anyway because the roads are too narrow, then I am sure that a large proportion of the population would be keen to cycle to work, the shops and for days out. This in turn would lead to less road congestion, reduce the wear and tear on our highways and improve our health.

In the meantime, well done Oliver and Ryan, cycling to work is particularly impressive as they both live at the top of a very big hill !

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