Over the next few months prior to the referendum there will be any number of discussions and TV interviews on whether the UK should remain in the European Union.

As I am sure most Companies will be assessing the likely impact on their business, we have been doing the same.

We export around 15% of our products to fellow EU members, would our overseas customers be unable to buy from us due to import tariffs being imposed ? In which case would the UK retaliate by refusing to let BMW, Mercedes, Peugeot, Fiat etc sell their products without attracting a tariff here ? I don't think so.

We buy much of our raw material from overseas, some of it from EU based countries. The value of the pound is a key driver in those transactions, which would probably have more to do with markets and movements on the London Stock exchange than anything else. The current fall in the value of Sterling has probably more to do with uncertainty in the money markets which creates a chance to make money rather than actual real movement ?

The easy option is to do nothing, and to carry on the status quo, but in the long term is this really the best option ?

I have listened to countless interviews and discussions over the past few weeks, and can honestly say I have been swayed back and forth. Does anyone really know the answer, we will all need to have a good idea before May as this is probably one of the most important decisions we will make or is it ?

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